Residential Lockout, Re-keying and New Lock Services

new handlesrekeyed lockYour home can be more secure with our residential locksmith solutions and our mobile locksmith services. Our locksmiths can handle a wide range of key types when you’re locked out or need a lock change. 

We cater to all your needs, including lockout service; copying existing keys for spares; and re-keying new or existing homes, apartments, and condominiums. We also offer move-in lock changes, repair for damaged locks, and re-keying or replacing deadbolts.

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Residential Services

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This service changes the old lock tumblers within the cylinder for new ones, making the old ones and old keys unusable. The new key we give you is the only one that will now work on your existing lock.


Electronic Lock & Keypad


Keyless entry systems include dial pads, touch screen and even remote controlled ones. Ask us about which keyless entry systems we recommend for your needs.

Garage Door Reprogramming


When you move into a new house it’s just as important to reprogram the garage door as it is to rekey the locks on your house. It’s possible that someone might have a second or third remote. By reprogramming the garage doors you will have total peace of mind knowing that your house is safe and secure. Our locksmiths will help you make sure your doors are reprogrammed correctly.


Residential Lockout

If you realize you left the keys in your house, apartment or condo, BZB Lock & Key Locksmith is ready to help. We have an average response time of about 30 minutes or less to get you back in your home.

Lock Repair

Sometimes it helps to know who to call if you are having trouble with your lock. You may not need to replace it, we can repair the door handle or lock set. Call us to talk about how we can help.

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