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7You can’t start a vehicle without a key! Don’t worry when you call BZB Lock & Key Locksmith. Our mobile auto locksmith will assess your needs and help you be on your way. We unlock doors, replace keys, and make spare keys for automobiles and motorcycles alike. Vehicle lockouts are our specialty and we also offer ignition lock services to remove broken keys.

Ask us about replacing and programming transponder keys for keyless entry–we can do it while you wait!9

BZB Lock & Key Locksmith can duplicate and originate (create a key if all duplicates are lost) high-security vehicle keys as well as supply additional keyless remotes for almost every car manufactured. Please call us to get duplicate keys made. This will save you money in case your keys are lost.

We can make keys for cars including these security systems:

Securilock Keys (Ford, Lincoln)

Immobilizer Keys

Sidewinder Keys (Lexus)

Ford Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS)

General Motors Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATS)

Lexus, Toyota, Honda, and more

We're Ready To Help!

We’ll be there quickly and do a great job. That’s our promise to you!

 Auto Services Include:

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New Keys

We’ll meet you at your car and create a new working key, including necessary programming. BZB Lock & Key Locksmith is Orange County’s mobile locksmith to call for all your auto lock needs.

Replacing Locks

Many times a car lock can get worn or damaged over time, and the more it gets worn, the more likely it will begin to jam up and eventually will quit working. We will replace or repair the lock, returning it to a like new condition. If needed, we’ll cut a new key so you have a well-working lock system.

Dealer Only Keys

We cut and program this kind of key and we stock, cut and program them for many car dealers in the area. We have one of the largest supply of auto keys in the area including hard to find keys for both new and older cars.

Car Lock-Out Service

Have you locked your keys in the car? We can get you back in fast and safe without any damage or scratches to your car. Call us now and we’ll have you back in and on your way!

Rekey Locks To New Keys

We can rekey locks due to security reasons like a personal situation, lost or stolen keys or rekeying a car or a fleet of cars. Call us for any of these needs.

Broken Off Keys
We get many calls from customers whose keys have broken off. If the key is in the door or in the iIgnition we can remove the key and make you a new one, repairing any damage that may have occurred.
Replace Worn Keys
As a key gets worn, it will gradually stop working– you may need to wiggle it to get your car to start and at some point it will just no longer work. We can cut you a new working key and do any programming needed for the key to work in your car.
Car Remotes, Programming & Batteries
Lost or damaged your remote? We stock a wide range of car remotes and can provide all the programming to get your new remote working. We also stock batteries for your remotes.
New & Used Remote Head Keys
Many newer cars use remote head keys where the remote functions are built into the key or as part of a flip-out key. We have them in stock and can cut and program both the key and the remote features into your car. Call BZB Lock & Key Locksmith for all your key needs.

We make keys for all cars including the following:

Acura car keys, Buick car keys, Cadillac car keys, Chevy car keys, Chrysler car keys, Daewoo car keys, Daihatsu car keys, Dodge car keys, Ford car keys, GMC car keys, Honda car keys, Hummer car keys, Hyundai car keys, Infiniti car keys, Isuzu car keys, Jeep car keys, Kia car keys, Lexus car keys, Lincoln car keys, Mazda car keys, Mercury car keys, Mini Cooper car keys, Mitsubishi car keys, Nissan car keys, Oldsmobile car keys, Plymouth car keys, Pontiac car keys, Saab car keys, Saturn car keys, Scion car keys, Subaru car keys, Suzuki car keys, Toyota car keys, Volvo car keys, Volkswagen car keys.

Have a model not on our list? Call us and we’ll have a solution for you!

We're Ready To Help!

We’ll be there quickly and do a great job. That’s our promise to you!

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