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4We want you to feel comfortable with and completely understand the services we provide. These are some of the questions we get asked most frequently.

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Some of the common questions we receive:

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I've decided to change my locks. What should I do now?

At BZB Lock & Key Locksmith, we’ll help you understand if you should change your door hardware or just change the key that makes it work. If you want to rekey the lock you can leave your existing hardware and we’ll adjust it so it works with a new key.

Rekeying may be a better solution if you want to make sure any previously cut keys won’t work anymore (if you’ve moved into a new home or if you’ve misplaced your keys or had them stolen). If the components of your locks are worn, however, it may be time to change them or upgrade to a better lock system.

I'd like to have a single key that will work for all the locks in my business, and a single key for my home as well. What are my next steps?

If you’d like this convenience, we’ll key all the locks for your business alike and we can do the same for all the locks in your house. We’ll make sure that all the locks are from a single manufacturer for each location, and that they meet your current or anticipated needs. Then we’ll create a single key to work in each lock for your home, and a single key to work in your business.

What is a master keyed lock? Is it the same as having all my locks keyed alike?

A master keyed lock has more than one key that makes them work. If your locks are keyed alike, they will only have one key that works for them. A master key system includes a separate key that opens each lock and one key that works for all the lock.

My contractor told me that once I use the key he gave me for my new house it won't work. Is that right, and what should I do?
If your contractor created construction keyed locks, the key he gave you won’t work after the first turn of the lock. If he gave you a master key, all the locks were master keyed and you won’t have to change it. If you’re still not sure, call us to take a look. We’ll rekey the lock if necessary to give you the security you need.